License activation

The VoiceXML browser is protected by a key license. The license is host-based: each server has a different license key. If the installation is not activated, you can execute a single VoiceXML session (audio). This is the free use mode. To obtain a commercial valid license key for your copy of VoiceXML browser (for use more than one session), you should run asterisk and get your code by typing the following commands:

*CLI> vxml show license

The system will give you:

Version		: V5.1
Build		:
Gcc		: V4.1
Target		: Pentium i586
Asterisk	: V1.4.22
Date		: Sep 22 2010 18:48:10
Code		: <your_identification_code>
Key		: <your_activation_key>
Max sessions	: <max sessions authorized>

To order a Commercial License for increase the maximum number of sessions (voicexml ports) supported ,you need to send us <your_identification_code>. Once the code is displayed, copy the code and send it by email to support. Please also include information about your reference installation, such as a purchase order number or the context of the installation.

After payment has been received for the product, the support will send you the license code as soon as possible. Information on how to set up your license will be emailed to you, along with your license key.

To set <your activation key> you must edit the /etc/asterisk/vxml.conf file I6NET will provide you with an activation that you can update in the license section:


max: 		maximun number of vxml session that VXI* will manage (it's your ports capactity)
interface:	ethernet interfaces
key:		license key for your server (by default, if the key is empty your system use only one port)


Please keep the emails exchanged with the support, especially the activation key code. It could be necessary to use it again in case of upgrade or reinstallation. With some releases, the upgrade procedure erases all the license information, so the license activation will need to be performed again. The number of max sessions that can be performed, along with audio and video enablement, will be shown.

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