DBL Technology Voip/GSM gateways

DBL Technology Ltd. is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for the worldwide market. We are dedicated in the development of the latest VoIP technologies, and more than 10 years in developing a wide range of IP Phones and Gateways. The offering of high quality, innovation, affordability and flexibility inside each and every single one of our products is our commitment to you.

  • Installation :

- Insert a SIM card and connect the Gateway to your router.

- Call the SIM number and enter *01 to know the IP address.

  • Configuration :

- Open your web browser and set the IP to access to the configuration interface (the default user/password are admin/admin).

- Set Basic VOIP settings

- Set Call IN settings

- Set Call OUT settings

  • Voximal Configuration :
SIP incomming/outgoing trunk
 Trunk Name: goip (for example)
 Outbound CallerID: (SIM phone number)

[Outgoing Settings]
 Trunk Name: goip (for example)
 PEER Details:
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