Voxygen TTS

Voxygen Expressive Speech

Set up in 2011 and headquartered in Brittany on the northwest coast of France, Voxygen quickly ranked among the market leaders in the field of Speech Synthesis

Contact :

Route du Radôme
Pôle Phoenix  - Bâtiment B1 
22560 Pleumeur-Bodou
Tel +33 2 96 14 12 81

Website: http://www.voxygen.fr/en/

Voxygen offers more than 60 voices in 10 languages, with another 20 voices road-mapped in 10 new languages. Worldwide, Voxygen is the only speech editor able to produce distinctive and multi-expressive voices capable of reflecting true human personalities.

  • Arabic
  • English (UK )
  • French (France )
  • Italian
  • Spanish ( Spain )

Voxygen TTS products are called baratinoo, and current version 7.4 (04/2015) For linux, there are tgz packages. There are voices package ans ES_Server. Baratinoo do not support natively x64, so you need to install first 32 bist compatbility packages:

  • For Debian or Ubuntu, install the ia32-libs package.
  • From Ubuntu 14, install the zlib1g:i386 package.
  • For Red Hat or Centos, install the glibc.i686 package.

This is mandatory for x64 archs. The init script need python installed to run, python is not mandatory, but recommended…

Download the TTS binaries packages after contacting the Voxygen sales. Here is what they looks like


You can check files md5 (checksum) with the file md5sum, if you have any doubt. Install is just extracing ES_Server package into /opt directory

tar -C /opt -zxf ES_server_7.4_1_linx86.tgz
cd /opt/baratinoo7.4_1

Then you install each voice package. Just extract the voice archive in the <baratinoo>/config directory without changing the directories structure.

tar -C /opt/baratinoo7.4_1/config Agnes.4.2_7.4_16i.lin.tgz

If you have a lot of voices :

for v in *.lin.tgz ;do  tar -C /opt/baratinoo7.4_1/config -zxf $v ;done

Now you must generate CHECK.tgz for license :

cd /opt/baratinoo7.4_1/bin/linx86/
Checking installation / 2015-04-17 15:31:11.089670

Reading informations...
Checking TCP ports...
   65000   FREE
   65001   FREE
   65002   FREE
   65003   FREE
   65004   FREE
   65005   FREE
   65006   FREE
   65007   FREE
   65008   FREE
   65009   FREE
   65010   FREE
   65011   FREE
   65012   FREE
   65013   FREE
   65014   FREE
   65015   FREE
   65016   FREE
   65017   FREE
   65018   FREE
   65019   FREE
Checking files... (it might take few minutes)

Checking running syntservers...
   No syntserver FEATURE found

Please send the file 'CHECK.tgz' to Voxygen Support (support@voxygen.fr)

CHECK.tgz is in the current directory, you must sent it to support@voxygen.fr to get license file.

First of all, get the http connector installer from :


The TTS package install the HTTP scripts in:


In a default Debian installation, you can test the TTS installation at:


We recommend you to install our ffmpeg binary, to get all debug sounds from this web interface.


This web page will generate your TTS raw alaw or ulaw files.

Install the script on your Apache/PHP server. Configure the VoiceXML Browser (Text-to-Speech Option) and restart the VoiceXML interpreter to get the new configuration.

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