Loquendo ASR

Loquendo (has been purchased by Nuance)

Nuance Communications, Inc.
Worldwide Headquarters
1 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803

Website: http://www.loquendo.com

Loquendo ASR is the next-generation speech recognition technology for speech-enabled applications. It is speaker-independent and reliably recognizes large-scale vocabulary continuous speech, even in the noisiest environments such as wireless.

First you need to contact our I6NET sales team to get a licence. This will allow you to get an access to the download area.

You need these packages:

  • Loquendo License Manager Linux (to generate the license code)
  • Loquendo ASR Linux32 Engine
  • Loquendo ASR Linux32 Languages
  • Loquendo Suite (MRCP server)


You must install the Loquendo Suite in a Fedora/Redhat or CentOs Linux.

To see the actual status execute the command:

sestatus | grep -i mode

The sestatus must be set to disabled, so it will allow SNMP to be started by Loquendo Management Console. To set it, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/selinux changing the row from SELINUX=enforcing or SELINUX=permissive to SELINUX=disabled. Please refer to http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/info/faq.cfm#I1, for details about the SE Linux System.

Unzip and untar the engine package by using the command:

# tar xvzf Loquendo_ASR_7.8-Linux32_Engine_Distribution_7.8.1.tar.gz

Next, go to the directory of the engine directory and type the following command:

# cd  Loquendo_ASR_7.8-Linux32_Engine_Distribution_7.8.1
# ./install.rhel4

Unzip and untar the language packages and install as the engine package:

# tar xvzf Loquendo_ASR_7.8-Linux32_Greek_Distribution_7.8.0.tar.gz
# cd Loquendo_ASR_7.8-Linux32_Greek_Distribution_7.8.0
# ./install

Create a directory to mount the Loquendo Suite iso file:

# mkdir /mnt/virtual

Mount with command:

# mount -t iso9660 -o loop -r Loquendo_Speech_Suite_7.0-el30_Distribution_7.0.8.iso /mnt/virtual

Download of any software package required by the net-snmp 32bit:

# yum install net-snmp

For 64bit installation add:

# yuminstall net-snmp-libs.i386 

Check if your path allow you to reach the snmp command line, if not add:

# export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin

Next, go to the directory of the Suite directory and type the following command:

# cd /mnt/virtual
# ./install

See the console results:

# ./install.sh

Loquendo Speech Suite 7.0 installation:

Getting linux version...
Checking system requirements...
Getting kernel version...
Getting system architecture...64bit
Checking if X-server is installed...not installed
Checking if RPM is installed...installed
Checking if AWK is installed...installed
Checking SELinux status...disabled (ok)
Checking if the firewall is active...not active
Checking if LSB functions are installed...installed
Checking if SNMP is installed...installed
Checking if compat-libstdc++ is installed...installed
Looking for Loquendo technologies...LASR LTTS
Looking for technology license...
 (WARNING: LASR is installed but not licensed)
 (WARNING: LTTS is installed but not licensed)
Checking CentOS version...found CentOS 5.3
Checking kernel version...ok
Checking SNMP version...ok
Checking if SNMP-libs are installed...installed
Checking SNMP-libs version...ok
Checking compat-libstdc++ version...ok

Answer to the prompt questions:

Loquendo Speech Suite 7.0

Please let you choose what server to install:

 1) MRCPv1Server

 2) MRCPv2Server

Select option 1)

And start the server:

Would you like to restart snmpd service and Loquendo services now? [y/n]:y
Stopping snmpd:                                            [FAILED]
Starting snmpd:                                            [  OK  ]
Stopping LoquendoTrapManager:                              [  OK  ]
Starting LoquendoTrapManager:                              [  OK  ]
Stopping LoquendoManagementContext:                        [  OK  ]
Starting LoquendoManagementContext:                        [  OK  ]

Install the license, to obtain your product license, please follow the instructions below according to your requirements. 

Generate New License Code:

Download the "Loquendo License Manager"
Generate the LoquendoLicenseRequest.txt file using Loquendo License Manager
Use the browse button to select your LoquendoLicenseRequest.txt
Click the Load button to automatically insert your data into the Licensing text box.
Click on the "Get License" button.
Download the license onto your computer and install.


A restart of all the Loquendo software is required.

WARNING: The integration with I6net IVR, need some specificities

  • VXI ressource format need to be set to grxml
  • The return from unimrcp need to be done in nlsml (unimrcp config ⇒ returnnlsml=yes).
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