Voximal Module is our voiceXML interpreter for Asterisk which is an engine for creating and managing the vocal services. In order to have several features among which the voice synthesis and recognition/speech to text. In other words, it is a module integrated with asterisk server. It is an easy way to have interesting voice services.

Voximal Suite is a package that includes three main characteristic Voximal, Asterisk, and FreePBX. Voximal Suite package has many features as clear web interface and installing Voximal, FreePBX, and Asterisk automatically which is not a complicated process.

Voxibot solution is the hosted Voximal Suite. It is configured with all the resources needed to create a Voice Assistant by phone. It is a SAAS offering that integrates all the relative costs to make it run. It embedded the project Voxibot that allows connecting your Chatbot to the telephony platform easily in order to create a Voice Assistant.

Voxibot = Voximal + Chatbot

Voximal independant commercial software.

Voximal offers free/OpenSource Asterisk/FreePBX module to connect and configure to the Voximal software (VoiceXML interpreter).

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