Install on Raspbian 8 with a MicroSD

First download the image disk to flash it in your MicroSD.

Follow those instruction :

Use the “lite” image in order to not install the graphical interface.

Insert the flashed MicroSD and switch on your Raspberry.

The default login acces is :

  • user : pi
  • password : raspberry

If you want to connect you raspberry with Wifi, please follow those steps :

Once you have install the OS, connect as root a proceed a standard installation with the package :

Lastes Voxibot Suite package :

It is a runable script that process to the installation of :

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Asterisk V11
  • FreePBX V12
  • Voximal V14
  • picoTTS (en,fr,es,it)
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