Install the Voxibot Suite or the Voximal Module

To install your Voximal application you have 2 ways :

1) Voxibot: the Voximal Suite on a Linux server

To install the Voximal Suite from a new linux server, select the Voxibot package. It installs Asterisk/FreePBX/Voximal to produce a ready to go Voximal server.

[Install Voxibot]

2) Voximal : the Voximal Module over a Asterisk or FreePBX server

To install the Voximal Module application on a FreePBX or Asterisk server, select the Voximal package. It installs the Voximal VoiceXML browser on your Asterisk. If you use the FreePBX interface, you will see a FreePBX module to manage the VoiceXML application from the FreePBX interface (settings, application, logs, status…).

[Install Voximal]