Deploy the Voximal Stack or install the Voximal Module

To install your Voximal instance you have 2 ways :

To install the Voximal Module application on a FreePBX or Asterisk server, select the Voximal package. It installs the Voximal VoiceXML browser on your Asterisk. If you use the FreePBX interface, you will see a FreePBX module to manage the VoiceXML application from the FreePBX interface (settings, application, logs, status…).

[Install Voximal Module]

To install the Voximal Stack from a new linux server, select the Voximal package. It installs Asterisk/FreePBX/Voximal to produce a ready to go Voximal server. In other words, is a package include three main characteristic Voximal, Asterisk and FreePBX Which give voxibot many features comparable to the voximal such as clear web interface and installing FreePBX and Asterisk automatically which is not a complicated process

[Install Voximal Stack]

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