Debug commands

Enable Voximal module traces

Execute :

CLI> voximal debug

Enable Voximal interpreter traces

Execute :

CLI> voximal debug interpreter

Generate a normal stop

Clean stop of the Voximald process :

root# /usr/sbin/voximalc -local 2 -distant 1 -mode 2

Command-line arguments :
[-key id] [-local id] [-distant id] [-send message] [-mode 0..3]
To send one message, set mode to 0
To receive messages in loop, set mode to 1
To work in request/response, set mode to 2
To send messages in loop, set mode to 3

> exit
< exit|result=ok

Valgrid using

The Asterisk module launch the interpreter by defaut, you need to disable it to be able to run the voximald process with Valgrid.

To disable the Voximal launch from the Asterisk module edit and add this option in the voximal.conf :


Start the voximald process with Valgrid :

#root valgrind  --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full --log-file="logfile.out" /usr/sbin/voximald -channels 1 -config /etc/openvxi/client.cfg -user asterisk -group asterisk

And run the Asterisk.

asterisk -cvvvvv -U asterisk -G asterisk -g

VoiceXML Log levels

The default log bases :

client.cache.diagLogBase                    VXIInteger  2000
client.inet.diagLogBase                     VXIInteger  3000
client.jsi.diagLogBase                      VXIInteger  4000
client.prompt.diagLogBase                   VXIInteger  5000
client.rec.diagLogBase                      VXIInteger  6000                      VXIInteger  7000
client.vxi.diagLogBase                      VXIInteger  8000
client.object.diagLogBase                   VXIInteger  9000
client.client.diagLogBase                   VXIInteger  10000

Interet connector

<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*SBinet">
    <diag tag="0">SBinet: API trace </diag>
    <diag tag="1">SBinet: Channel diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="2">SBinet: Stream diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="3">SBinet: Cookie diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="4">SBinet: Validator diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="5">SBinet: Cache diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="6">SBinet: Timing diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="10">SBinet: Dump HTTP requests and responses </diag>



<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*SBcache">
    <diag tag="0">SBcache: API trace </diag>
    <diag tag="1">SBcache: Cache manager diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="2">SBcache: Cache entry diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="3">SBcache: Cache stream diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="4">SBcache: Cache entry table mutex diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="5">SBcache: Cache entry mutex diagnostics </diag>

EcmaScript interpreter

<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*SBjsi">
    <diag tag="0">SBjsi: API trace </diag>
    <diag tag="1">SBjsi: JavaScript context diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="2">SBjsi: JavaScript garbage collection trace </diag>
    <diag tag="4">SBjsi: JavaScript scope diagnostics </diag>
    <diag tag="200">SBjsi: Native ScriptEase error messages </diag>
    <diag tag="201">SBjsi: ScriptEase debug log messages </diag>

Client main

<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*OSBclient">
    <diag tag="0">OSBclient: API trace </diag>
    <diag tag="1">OSBclient: Component names and versions </diag>
    <diag tag="2">OSBclient: General diagnostics </diag>


<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*OSBobject">
    <diag tag="0">OSBobject: API trace </diag>

VoiceXML interpreter (VXI)

<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*.vxi">
    <diag tag="0">VXI: VoiceXML document and application warnings</diag>
    <diag tag="1">VXI: VoiceXML log element output</diag>
    <diag tag="2">VXI: VoiceXML element logging</diag>
    <diag tag="3">VXI: VoiceXML grammar logging</diag>
    <diag tag="4">VXI: VoiceXML transitions</diag>
    <diag tag="5">VXI: VoiceXML log Contents (VoiceXML and Data XML/Json)</diag>


<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*.VXItel">
    <diag tag="0">VXItel: Signaling trace </diag>


<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*.VXIprompt">
    <diag tag="0">VXIprompt: Prompting trace </diag>


<DiagnosticMessages moduleName="*.VXIrec">
    <diag tag="0">VXIrec: Recognition trace </diag>
    <diag tag="1">VXIrec: Grammar trace </diag>