It is a google engine that we use to create our chatbot and to integrate this chatbot with our voxibot create chatbot service there is no big difference between Google chatbot and Watson chatbot or either another engine.

Note : every step you do be sure to save the changes SAVE .

Our chatbot here will be based on Dialogflow

At begin, to start your Dialogflow you need a google account. Once you have a google account you can start your project to build chatbot.

1. Enter click on sign up for free then go to google icon, sign in with your email and password. Then click sign in you will see as below

2. First of all, create an agent is the first step for building chatbot in Dialogflow.

3. let’s start with a small step which activates a small talk which already exists.

4. Create chatbot (intent, entities, and response), we will make a simple example to explain how to start with the first chatbot.

a. Creating entities specify a name for this entity and insert your entities which are expected from the users

b. create your intents, choose a name to distinguish your intent, in Training phrase put the questions that you expect from users. Then scroll down to responses here we will insert the answers to previous questions.

5. At the end we need to have our credential to connect it with our voxibot by the main files root and conversation_Dialogflow

There are two access tokens for each agent. The developer access token is used for managing entities and intents, and the client access token is used for making queries

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