< log >

The < log > element allows the application to generate debug messages. This element can contain a combination of text and <value> elements in which the resulting message will be the concatenation of the text and string value of the < value > element. The messages will be logged to the metrics file for viewing.

exprThe expr attribute is a string expression that will be appended to the < log > element content and label. This attribute is optional.
labelThe label attribute is a string label that will be appended to the < lo g> element content before expr. This attribute is optional.
<block>, <catch>, <error>, <filled>, <help>, <if>, <noinput>, <nomatch>
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="">
  <field name="hello">
   <grammar type="text/x-grammar-choice-dtmf">
    1 {hello} | 2 {world}
   <prompt>Say hello</prompt>
   <noinput>Say something</noinput>
    <log>The user said <value expr="hello"/>.</log>
    <prompt>Hello, world!</prompt>
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