< enumerate >

The < enumerate > element is an automatically generated description of the choices available for the user. It specifies a template that is applied to each choice in the order they appear in the < menu > element, or in the < field > element that contains < option > elements.

child elements

If <enumerate> is used with no content, it lists all choices. You can customize the content using the two anonymous variables that are available within the scope of the <enumerate> element: * _prompt – the prompt for the current choice. * _dtmf – the assigned DTMF sequence for the current choice.

<audio>, <catch>, <error>, <field>, <filled>, <help>, <if>, <menu>, <noinput>, <nomatch>, <prompt>
<audio>, <value>, Speech Markup (SSML)
The dtmf attributes in the <choice> tags must be specified.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="">
 <menu dtmf="true">
   Welcome home.
    For <value expr="_prompt"/>, press <value expr="_dtmf"/>.
  <choice dtmf="1" next="">
  <choice dtmf="2" next="">
  <choice dtmf="3" next="">
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