DIDx Incoming calls

DID Exchange is a VOIP-based wholesale DID Phone Number marketplace which can and is used by Mobile Operators, LECs, ClECs, IXCs or other telecommunications service providers who offer or use any kind of PHONE NUMBERS in there network.

DIDx offers only inbound call services for DIDs. You have a mounthly fee (some dollars), and a volume of minutes, if you overlap this you pay the call durations.

  • Configuration :

By default the Voxibot installer create an account to receive external incoming calls. You need to get the password of the instance (voximal show licence). In the DIDx interface after purchased a DID number go to the configuration panel and set :

Change the RingTo :

New IAX : access:[your access password]@[your server IP]/[your DID to refere in the Voximal account]

Note : If you have strict firewall rules enable the 4569 trafic from the DIDx list : link

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