TTS Microsoft BingVoiceOutput

Convert text to spoken audio. When applications need to “talk” back to their users, this API can be used to convert text that is generated by the app into audio that can be played back to the user.

API reference :

List of languages :

Integration example :

  • Pricing options :
    • 5K calls per month : Free
    • 1000 characters per call : $4 per 1000 calls
  • Configuration :
  1. Ordered List Item Go to the Azure Portal at and sign in with your Azure account.
  2. Click on + New.
  3. Select the Intelligence option.
  4. Select the Cognitive Services APIs product. This product will allow you to start a subscription for any of the cognitive services APIs (Face, Text Analytics, Computer Vision, etc.). Today we will focus on the Recommendations API.
  5. Enter a Resource name for your Recommendations subscription. (For instace: “MyRecommendations”). This name should not have any spaces in it.
  6. On API type, select Recommendations.
  7. On Pricing tier, you can select a plan. You may select the Free tier for 10,000 transactions/month. This is a free plan, so it is a good way to start trying the system. Once you go to production, we recommend you consider your request volume and change the plan type accordingly.
  8. Select a Resource Group, or create a new one if you don't have one already.
  9. You may change other elements in the Create dialog. We should point out that the resource provider today is only supported from United States data centers. Once you are done with any selections, click Create.
  10. Wait a few minutes for the resource to be deployed. Once it is deployed, you can go to the Keys section in the Settings blade where you will be provided a primary and secondary key to use the API. Copy the primary key, as you'll need it when creating your first model.
 api : microsoft
 user : (your API key, one of the Speech Bing API subscription keys)