Google Speech API

Google Cloud Speech API enables developers to convert audio to text by applying powerful neural network models in an easy to use API. The API recognizes over 80 languages and variants, to support your global user base. You can transcribe the text of users dictating to an application’s microphone, enable command-and-control through voice, or transcribe audio files, among many other use cases. Recognize audio uploaded in the request, and integrate with your audio storage on Google Cloud Storage, by using the same technology Google uses to power its own products.

API reference : Languages :

  1. Navigate to the Actions Console and click Add/Import Project.
  2. Create a new project or import an existing Google Cloud project.
  3. Navigate to the Google Cloud Console API Manager for your project.
  4. Click Credentials
  5. Click 'Create credentials'
  6. Click 'API key'
  7. Copy the API key shown and insert it in smart-home-provider/cloud/config-provider.js
  • Configuration :
 key=(your private key)
  1. Create a project in the Google Cloud Platform Console. If you haven't already created a project, create one now. Projects enable you to manage all Google Cloud Platform resources for your app, including deployment, access control, billing, and services.
    1. Open the Cloud Platform Console.
    2. In the drop-down menu at the top, select Create a project.
    3. Click Show advanced options. Under App Engine location, select a United States location.
    4. Give your project a name.
    5. Make a note of the project ID, which might be different from the project name. The project ID is used in commands and in configurations.
  2. Enable billing for your project. If you haven't already enabled billing for your project, enable billing now. Enabling billing allows the application to consume billable resources such as Speech API calls. See Cloud Platform Console Help for more information about billing settings.
  3. Enable APIs for your project. Click here to visit Cloud Platform Console and enable the Speech API.
  4. Download service account credentials. These samples use service accounts for authentication.
    1. Visit the Cloud Console, and navigate to: API Manager > Credentials > Create credentials > Service account key
    2. Under Service account, select New service account.
    3. Under Service account name, enter a service account name of your choosing. For example, transcriber.
    4. Under Role, select Project > Service Account Actor.
    5. Under Key type, leave JSON selected.
    6. Click Create to create a new service account, and download the json credentials file.
    7. Copy the file to : /usr/share/voximal/credentials-key.json.
    8. Check if you already have the /usr/share/voximal/roots.pem file, if not contact our support team.

See the Cloud Platform Auth Guide for more information.

  • Configuration :
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