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Verbio Technologies

Loreto 44
08029 Barcelona


Verbio is a company based in Barcelona (Spain), specializing in speech technologies, aimed basically at the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American markets.

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If your distribution does not use 'rpm' nor 'deb' please us to get specific installation packages or support.

Download the TTS binaries packages after contacting the Verbio sales.

# dpkg -i verbio-engines-x.yy.deb
# dpkg -i --force-overwrite verbio-clients-x.yy.deb
# dpkg -i --force-overwrite verbio-tts-*-x.yy.deb
# dpkg -i --force-overwrite verbio-asr-*-x.yy.deb (for the ASR)

If you have a license in a USB token, you need to install the USB token driver ('sntl-sud_x.y.z-w_i386.deb').

You will find the sntl package at:


Then you start with:

# cd /usr/share/doc/verbio
# dpkg -i sntl-sud_7.3.0-1_i386.deb

You need to reboot the server to enable the USB deamon ().

If you have a file licence, please copy it to:


Download and install our connector package for Verbio.

First unzip and untar it by using the command:

# tar xvzf verbio_Vx.x_date.tar.gz

Next, go to the directory of the Verbio and type the following command:

# cd verbio_Vx.x_date
# ./

The TTS package install the HTTP scripts in:


In a default Debian installation, you can test the TTS installation at:


This web page will generate your TTS raw alaw or ulaw files.

Install the script on your Apache/PHP server. Configure the VoiceXML Browser (Text-to-Speech Option) and restart the VoiceXML interpreter to get the new configuration.