Loquendo TTS

Loquendo (has been purchased by Nuance)

Nuance Communications, Inc.
Worldwide Headquarters
1 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803

Website: http://www.loquendo.com

Loquendo TTS software provides a life-like voice for the dynamic data and prompts in your server-based, multimedia, PDA, embedded and multimodal voice applications.

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First unzip and untar the Loquendo package by using the command:

# tar xvzf loquendo_Vx.x_date.tar.gz

Go to the directory of the gnudialer; then, type the following command:

# cd loquendo_Vx.x_date
# ./install.sh

The script asks for an installation directory (default: /opt/LTTS). In this directory you need to enable read/write and execution permissions, otherwise the installation will end prematurely.

The TTS package install the HTTP scripts in:


In a default Debian installation, you can test the TTS installation with:


This web page will generate wav files in PCM 16bit 8kHz mono.

Install the script on your Apache/PHP server. Configure the VoiceXML Browser (Text-to-Speech Option) and restart the VoiceXML interpreter to get the new configuration.