Voximal Stack installation

The Voxibot suite package installs :

  • Asterisk V13.x
  • FreePBX V12
  • uniMRCP V1.5.0 (modified)
  • Free picoTTS (en/fr/es/it)
  • Voximal V14.x

Supported Linux distribs :

  • Linux Centos 6 32/64bit
  • Linux Centos 7 32/64bit
  • Linux Ubuntu 14.4 32/64bit
  • Linux Debian 8 32/64bit
  • Linux Raspbian 8 Arm

In order to install a Voxibot (Voximal suite), you need a standard Linux 32 or 64 bit server. If you want to use a Cloud image, you can use the page Cloud Providers to quick deploy your Voximal instance.


  • Basic OS
  • Disable SELinux (in case if not disable)
  • Virtual Machine on your host such as VM virtualbox, VMware or Docker (recommended)
  • Note: To install voxibot on your server without any issues that may face you it is essentially to have clear OS. in other words, you should not have asterisk and freePBx installed before. Because voxibot will do all that in few minutes.

Installation process.

In this instalation we are going to use Debian 8, to show you the process.

Note : For OS Debian 8 there are some modifications need to be done, Debian 8 has systemd which cause some issues during installation of Voxibot, we will replace systemd by old one (sysvinit). For a moment it's the only choice for debian 8 but we are working on new version of voxibot which will support the systemd.

now we are going to start step-by-step:

  • On debian 8 open the terminal and write the next command to install old version of systemd, Firstof all, you need to be Root # apt-get -y install sysvinit-core sysvinit sysvinit-utils
  • Search any init=/usr/bin/systemd in /etc/default/grub, change to init=/lib/sysvinit/init, then call update-grub command line (this may been done automatically, but check it). Reboot : to change init process !
  • Then remove new systemd # apt-get remove --purge --auto-remove systemd , welcome back to SysV :-).
  • Now you need to be Root to active the network interface # dhclient . now you should have access to internet try to ping # ping

Recommended : it is better to have remote application to handle the terminal of Debian by SSH port, for instance Putty. Be sure that SSH installed on your Debian server if not use the next command : # apt-get install openssh-server

In our case shows OS=debian8 and process=x86-64 version of .

Note: choose what is adapting to your system.

  • Open a directory where downloading have been done, change the permission of voxibot file # chmod +x voxibot * , pay attention, sign (*) means to inter a complete name as you see on your directory, in our case is # chmod +x
  • Now run the voxibot to start installation process # ./
  • After finishing installation we need to reboot the system # reboot
  • Now open web browser on you host OS and insert Debian IP address, you will see the Voxibot interface, voxibot asks you to set your password and confirm it to launch your voxibot. After this step voxibot is ready

Download the latest version of Voxibot with extension .run package from:

Note : You need to disable linuxSE.

Note : You need the tar and gzip tools already installed on your server.


  1. You need to be root to process the installation.
  2. Change the perission to execute the installer script (execute “chmod +x voxibot*”).
  3. Execute the script and follow the instructions (generaly answer 'y' for each questions).
  4. When done, connect to http:<your_machine_ip>/admin - you will be asked for login. - Login using as user user password user. Screen shot: <code> [root]# ./ Creating directory voxibot_1.x.xxx_2016xxxx_0voximalxxxcentos6_x86-64 Verifying archive integrity… 100% All good. Uncompressing Voxibot installer 100% Version Installation Telephony [ OK ] Installation Ressources [ OK ] Installation Web-GUI [ OK ] Installation Voximal [ OK ] Installation complete To access the Web interface browse to : http:<your_machine_ip>/admin (login 'user' and password 'user')

[root]# </code>

You have two simple ways to test and validate your installation :

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