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   * [[|IaxLite]] (old windows application)   * [[|IaxLite]] (old windows application)
-  * [[|Zoiper]] (freeware with commercial offer)+  * [[|Zoiper]] (freeware with commercial offer)
   * [[|YateClient]] (opensource freeware)   * [[|YateClient]] (opensource freeware)
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 ==== IaxLite ==== ==== IaxLite ====
 +  * Run IAXLite once you’ve installed it and enter the credentials for the account on your Voximal. You’ll need the IP address of your server and your extension 'user' password. 
 +  * Click the **[Set.]** button. 
 +  * Fill in the blanks using the IP address of your server, 'user' for your account name, and whatever password got from your Voximal installation server.
 {{:installation_guide:softphone:iaxlite.png?nolink|}} {{:installation_guide:softphone:iaxlite.png?nolink|}}
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