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 +====== < choice > ======
 +===== Description =====
 +The <choice> element defines a menu item and serves several purposes:
 +  * Specifies a speech grammar fragment and/or a DTMF grammar fragment that determines when that choice has been selected.
 +  * Forms the <enumerate> prompt string with its contents.
 +  * Specifies the URI to go to when the choice is selected.
 +===== Syntax =====
 +dtmf="DTMF sequence"
 +accept="exact" | "approximate"
 +fetchhint="prefetch" | "safe"
 +child elements
 +===== Attributes =====
 +|dtmf|This attribute is the DTMF sequence for this choice. This attribute is optional.|
 +|accept|The accept attribute overrides the setting for the accepted attribute in the <menu> element, with either exact or approximate values.  This attribute is optional and defaults to exact. * exact – use exact to define the exact phrase to be recognized. * approximate – use approximate to define an approximate recognition phrase. A subset of the words in the phrase expression can be matched.  For example, "Hello world" can be matched with "Hello world", "Hello", or "World".|
 +|next|The next attribute is the URI of the next dialog or document.|
 +|event|This attribute throws a specified event.  Next and expr attributes have precedence over this attribute.|
 +|expr|The expr attribute is an ECMAScript Expression that defines the URI to transition.  The next attribute has precedence over this attribute.|
 +|fetchaudio|The fetchaudio attribute is the URI of the audio to play while waiting for the next document to be fetched.|
 +|fetchtimeout|This attribute indicates the time interval to wait for an audio file to be fetched before playing the alternate content.  This attribute is optional.|
 +|fetchhint|The fetchhint attribute defines when the audio file should be retrieved.  This attribute is optional. * prefetch - the file can be fetched when the document is loaded. * safe - the file is fetched only when needed.|
 +|maxage|This attribute indicates the maximum time in seconds that this document will use this file before fetching another copy.  This attribute is optional.|
 +|maxstale|The maxstale attribute indicates the maximum time in seconds that this document will use the file that exceeded the maxage time.  This attribute is optional.|
 +===== Parents =====
 +===== Children =====
 +<audio>, <enumerate>, <grammar>, <value>
 +===== Extensions =====
 +===== Limitations/Restrictions =====
 +The dtmf attribute must be specified.
 +===== Example Code =====
 +<?xml version="1.0"?>
 +<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="">
 + <menu>
 +  <prompt> What do you want for drink, coffee or tea? </prompt>
 +  <choice dtmf="1" next="#getcoffee"> coffee </choice>
 +  <choice dtmf="2" next="#gettea"> tea </choice>
 +  <noinput> Please say coffee or tea </noinput>
 +  <nomatch> Please say coffee or tea </nomatch>
 + </menu>
 + <form id="getcoffee">
 +  <block>
 +   <prompt>Ok, here's your coffee</prompt>
 +  </block>
 + </form>
 + <form id="gettea">
 +  <block>
 +   <prompt>Ok, here's your tea</prompt>
 +  </block>
 + </form>
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