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The <catch> element catches events thrown from the VoiceXML application or the platform. The <catch> element associates a catch with a document, dialog or form item and contains executable content. The <catch> element catches an event with the name that either matches exactly with the event attribute or a prefix match. A prefix match means the event attribute is a token prefix of the thrown event, where the dot is the token separator. For example, <catch event=“telephone.disconnect”> is a prefix match for event telephone.disconnect.transfer. Please refer to Event Handling for the list of events and errors.

event="event1 event2 ..."
child elements
eventThis attribute indicates the event or events to catch. A space-separated list of events may be specified to catch multiple events. The empty string matches all events. This attribute is required.
countThe count attribute allows you to handle different occurrences of the same event differently. Each <form>, <menu> and form item maintains a counter for each event that occurs while it is being visited. These counters are reset each time the <form> or <menu> is re-entered. When there is more than one <catch> element catching the same event, it will visit the element with a smallest count that is greater or equal to the current counter. This attribute is optional.
condThe cond attribute is a Boolean condition that must evaluate to true in order for the <catch> element to catch the event. This attribute is optional.

There are two anonymous variables that are available within the scope of the <catch> element:

  • _event - the variable that contains the name of the event that was thrown.
  • _message - the variable that contains the message string from the corresponding <throw> element, or a platform-defined value for events raised by the platform.
<field>, <form>, <initial>, <menu>, <object>, <record>, <subdialog>, <transfer>, <vxml>
<assign>, <audio>, <clear>, <disconnect>, <enumerate>, <exit>, <goto>, <if>, <prompt>, <reprompt>, <return>, <script>, <submit>, <throw>, <value>, <var>
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="">
  <grammar> goodbye </grammar>
  <catch event="goodbye">
   Thanks for using this script, goodbye.
  <field name="password">
    <prompt> what is the code word </prompt>
    <grammar> apple </grammar>
    <help> It is the name of a fruit </help>
    <catch event="noinput"> I did not hear you. </catch>
    <catch event="nomatch" count="1"> Noop. Try again </catch>
    <catch event="nomatch" count="2"> Noop. give another try </catch>
    <catch event="nomatch" count="3">
     Sorry. You didn't get it for three times. Bye
    <if cond="password=='goodbye'">
     <throw event="goodbye"/>
     This is correct.
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