Davi (the humanizers)


19, rue Godefroy - 92800 PUTEAUX - FRANCE

Digitéo - Bat 660 Claude Shannon - Université Paris Sud

Rue Noetzlin - 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Tel. +33 1 47 75 84 50


DAVI transforms the digital relationship into a human relationship. DAVI aims at creating a human, fluid and powerful digital relationship between a company and its customers: DAVI gives human shape, emotions and language to digital interfaces.

DAVI integrates the power of Artificial Intelligence in an industry-specific software for the Finance, Healthcare, Tourism, Retail, Manufacturing industries….

Contact Davi to have a Chatbot demo or account.

Note : To use the chatbot integration, your Voximal needs to be configured with the SpeechToText and TextToSpeech ressources.

Note : This script use a api entry in the integration scripts provided by Davi.

Here an example of VoiceXML script :


  • Set the language (and change the prompts).
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